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Question: "What is meant by Direct Wire Mastering?"

Answer: "No plug connectors, no plugins - pure analog sound!"

Our philosophy

Mastering should be seen as a sort of art to design the tracks of an album with necessary sensibility which makes the sound an experience for your ears at every media unit. But we go one step further and provide through consistent modifications that during the performance the losses of quality for analog as for digital processing will be minimized! The signal path of all by listening tests selected devices, as well as the complete power supply is directly soldered and optimized for lossless efficiency. Through consistent avoidance of any plug-in connections, patchbays, software plugins as well as the use of outsourced hardware for mixing and mastering, are programming errors, macros, unnecessary dll´s and the resulting adverse influence of the data stream no longer an issue. 20 years of experience as a sound engineer, tech, producer and musician form an important base for creative competence, because it is our goal to let sound every track as good as possible. Specific editing with the best devices gets the full potential of the mix. Whether it misses transparency, punch, warmth cohesion, magnitude or depth. Music gets a new dimension through Direct Wire Mastering!


The purpose of mastering is to maximize the musical expression of a song in the master mix. However, the big difference here are our unique conditions. High-quality modified equipment, direct wiring, optimized auxiliary power supply, as well as creative competence in music production provide sonically superior results with analogue warmth, vibe, liveliness and punch. Crucial to the success of a title is increasingly also the sound! Over 22 million sold records speak for themselves.


Since the mix will decide, whether it brings a song forward and comes across well on all systems respectively emotionally arrives at the listener, at our house it already includes the greatest part of the mastering process and requires no post-tonal processing. Incidentally so also is avoided unnecessary DA / AD conversions and copies. The analog signal processing is by far softer and more musical because here the waveforms remain intact. In addition, so more headroom, width as well as depth is made possible because these are electrical impulses and not ones and zeros are just netted.


Our rather particular optimizations of signal processing will increase exponentially when recording under these conditions with the best microphones and preamps. This immediately creates a special emotional relationship with each note of the song, because quality, expression and power inspire such a way that you can only record with a permanent grin! Three acoustically optimized recording rooms are available in order to meet different challenges and they have daylight as well as visual contact.

Pure analog Sound

What our clients say

“…and the result was stupefying. The gain of expression and vitality was not subtle but clear. 3 things are stepping out: The bass was more solid and defined, the trebles were more precise, unobtrusive and it was a dramatic improvement of the panoramas.”

Free demo master

The introductory price for mastering 1 track (up to 6 minutes length) is only 69,- EUR VAT included! A free demo master can be requested at: info@direct-wire-mastering.com

Send the wave-file (BWF-WAV with 24 Bit works best ) via “WeTransfer” at the above named mail-address and you will get a cutted master back within a few days. After the payment is done you will get the full length track as a Wave-file in 44,1 kHz 16 Bit; if desired also in ISRC-encoding, CD-Text, Enhanced CD, BWF-WAVE or tested DDP-Master or Mitsubishi CD-R Premaster for an extra charge.

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