The consequent way to more details and rich sonority

Thinking about getting your mastering done elsewhere? But there's no mastering studio "around the corner" and the one your use at home is far from professional?

But that's what you need, isn't it? A professional mastering studio that fits all your needs and convinced with outstanding & unique sonic richness.

The solution: Online audio mastering services brought to you by DIRECT WIRE MASTERING.

DIRECT WIRE MASTERING – audio mastering online

Meet our Studio: The perfect place to get your mastering done online. As highly specialised professionals we are equipped with all the tools to handle all the requirements regarding to your audio files you give us.

To correspond to the various weaknesses of a mixdown we not infrequently use two analog multiband compressors, a VCA compressor, a parallel compressor, two passive filters, active filters, a tape simulator, a Vari-Mu compressor, two converters and in the digital domain are a linear phase filter, a sample rate converter, and a limiter used with dithering.

This means that 14 units with a total of at least 50 connectors and 25 cables are connected in series. During mixdown many more devices are added. This does not include the plug connections of the power supply, Word Clock or Superclock and grounding.

Knowledge, competency and the consequent implementation of the necessary measures are extremely rare and unparalleled in uncompromising fashion carried out here!

Undoubted hearing tests in our rooms have shown that already one single connector affects negative on the tone. Our logical consequence therefore means that we have eliminated all connections in the entire studio and the standard cables have been replaced by highest quality cables from Ray Kimber. So we have already achieved an enormous sonority, depth and width.

Other research has shown that a good grounding and Power Supply have a significant effect on the sound.

"Audio mastering is not only a matter of taste or of good faith ..."

In fact, have low cross-sections and lower copper content in the feed lines of all devices involved in the studio a very adverse effect on the sound and therefore we also have all feeders oversized and bridged the miniature fuses of the devices, the bypass switches and fuses of the power supply. We also have an autonomous ground with a minimum cross section of 35 mm² in the supply line of the studio and additional individual grounding of the equipment, because the results again improved enormously and we got more 3D-Sound.

The best online mastering services for musicians and producers

In audio production, there is another fact that is often underrated or not considered: Superimposed interference frequencies in the gigahertz range from the power grid caused by machinery, engines, machine control systems such as PLC controllers, frequency converters, motors, relays, contactors, as well as in the studio itself through transformers, switching power supplies, computers, amplifiers etc. affect the audio processing to a considerable extent.

This problem we have resolved through special filtering and attenuation in the supply lines as well as within the individual devices and this means in the consequence that even no switching power supplies, wireless network devices, unnecessary lighting, computers etc. are turned on at work with audio throughout the house.

This even goes so far that also the power amplifier for studio monitors, the control mixer and LCD monitors are switched off during the final mix / master, because naturally large transformers and switching power supplies are also active here.

More powerful signals for more powerful online mastering

By using a high-precision super clock instead of a normal word clock we reach even more powerful signals, more noticeable panorama and depth.

The neutral conductor of the power supply company is particularly burdened with interfering frequencies, so it should never be connected to the ground in the studio. Therefore, there is no potential equalization in our house how of the power company prescribed.

Furthermore, we have found: SSD drives achieve better quality results in the audio processing than conventional hard disk drives, and PCIe as well as DSP cards such as UAD-2 cards and inserted USB sticks deteriorate the audio quality when recording, mixing and mastering even if all DLLs deleted or are inactive. That's why we use such cards only to produce special effects; after this, DLLs are removed including the cards and drivers.

Do your mastering online
And specially optimized analog devices provide better sound quality

It is at the same time clearly audible for us that badly programmed software, drivers, Windows services in the background, all the displays and graphics cards accelerator degrade the audio quality once more; that's why we have these quickly removed. The analog signal processing sounds far more musical, softer and has more vibe, because here the waveforms remain intact. In addition, much the more headroom is made possible because these are electrical impulses and not ones and zeros are just netted.

Since the space would not be enough here to document all our other researches and insights can be summarized here already notice that we've done everything imaginable to make sound our masters unique because bad compromise, convenience and ignorance in the audio processing you will find anywhere!

Master your audio files online with DIRECT WIRE MASTERING

Everything you need to know regarding our online mastering services:

Please do not use limiters, compressors, multiband compressors, inflators, finalizer, clipper, exciter, magnetic tape simulation, stereo spread effect, master-EQ or something similar at the sum.

The mixing should have a solid level, but never reach 0dBFS.

Choose the sample rate in keeping with your project. In case it is running in 48 kHz, please export / mix in 48 kHz 24Bit directly to a fast USB-stick. Best to use the USB jack on the rear, which is soldered to the motherboard directly.

Send the wave-file ( BWF-WAV with 24 Bit works best ) via "WeTransfer" to and you will get a cutted master back within a few days. After the payment is done you will get the full length track as a Wave-file in 44,1 kHz 16 Bit.

If desired, you will also receive:

  • Your files in ISRC-encoding
  • CD-Text
  • Enhanced CD
  • BWF-WAVE or tested DDP-Master via Sonoris including the awarded free Sonoris DDP Player software for creating CDs, Mp3s, Aiffs, Waves, export / burn files for cd pressing plants or test purposes
  • I-Tunes or Mitsubishi CD-R Premaster for an extra charge

Important material should be send as 1. generation via an USB-Stick and will be edited directly. Please avoid zipping so there are 2 copies less.

Analog stem mastering, mixing and recording is possible under very best conditions furthermore.

Helpful information, offers and insider advice about our audio mastering services are also available via e-mail & phone.