Get the 3D sound

Without ever having heard of Michael Brauer's multi-bus compression technique, we already formed in 1989 separate stereo subgroups for drums and melodic instruments in order to process them with high performance analog mastering compressors and filters with surgical precision.

The advantage is obvious, since it can be dealt individually with frequencies and dynamics, without having to accept to big compromises in the sum.

The analog signal processing and summing sounds far more musical and softer, because here the waveforms remain intact. In addition, much more headroom as well as vibe is made possible because these are electrical impulses and not ones and zeros are just netted.

Due to the size of our mixer, it is possible to assign a lot of channels in a fixed configuration. This has the advantage that 56 contacts could be bridged at the switches of each of the individual channels with silver solder and thus the performance could be increased enormously. Of course, all inputs / outputs are soldered directly here with Kimber cables. The same also applies to the API 500 racks and the Apogee / DAD converters. The built-in patch bay and the EQs be used only for monitoring.