Uncompromised recording with greater detail and tone richness

Undoubted hearing tests in our rooms have shown that already one single plug connector affects negative on the tone. Our logical consequence therefore means that we have eliminated all connections in the entire studio, also at the microphones and the standard cables have been replaced by highest quality cables from Ray Kimber. So we have already achieved an enormous sonority, depth and width. Other research has shown that a good grounding and Power Supply have a significant effect on the sound.

In fact, have low cross-sections and lower copper content in the feed lines of all devices involved in the studio a very adverse effect on the sound and therefore we also have all feeders oversized and bridged the miniature fuses of the devices, the bypass switches and fuses of the power supply. We also have an autonomous ground with a minimum cross section of 35 mm² in the supply line of the studio and additional individual grounding of the equipment, because the results again improved enormously and we got more 3D-Sound.

In audio production, there is another fact that is often underrated or not considered: Superimposed interference frequencies in the gigahertz range from the power grid caused by machinery, engines, machine control systems such as PLC controllers, frequency converters, motors, relays, contactors, as well as in the studio itself through transformers, switching power supplies, computers, amplifiers etc. affect the audio processing to a considerable extent. This problem we have resolved through special filtering and attenuation in the supply lines as well as within the individual devices and this means in the consequence that even no switching power supplies, wireless network devices, unnecessary lighting, computers etc. are turned on at work with audio throughout the house. This even goes so far that also the power amplifier for studio monitors and LCD monitors are switched off during the final mix / master, because naturally large transformers and switching power supplies are also active here.

By using a high-precision super clock instead of a normal word clock we reach even more powerful signals, more noticeable panorama and depth.

The neutral conductor of the power supply company is particularly burdened with interfering frequencies, so it should never be connected to the ground in the studio. Therefore, there is no potential equalization in our house how of the power company prescribed.

Furthermore, we have found: SSD drives achieve better quality results in the audio processing than conventional hard disk drives, and PCIe as well as DSP cards such as UAD-2 cards and inserted USB sticks deteriorate the audio quality when recording, mixing and mastering even if all DLLs deleted or are inactive. That's why we use such cards only to produce special effects; after this, DLLs are removed including the cards and drivers.

It is at the same time clearly audible for us that badly programmed software, drivers, Windows services in the background, all the displays and graphics cards accelerator degrade the audio quality once more, that's why we have these quickly removed. Of course our rather particular optimizations of signal processing will increase exponentially when recording under these conditions with the best microphones and preamps. This immediately creates a special emotional relationship with each note of the song, because quality, expression and power inspire such a way that you can only record with a permanent grin and creative flow! Three acoustically optimized recording rooms with daylight, visual contact and various world class microphones as well as instruments are available in order to meet different challenges.

Bad compromise, convenience and ignorance in the audio processing you will find anywhere ...!