Equipment modification, optimization of efficiency

1. The essential characteristics, which DWM differ from competing providers, are the direct soldering of the audio and the digital signal path as well as the removal of the connectors in the devices involved in the process and the exclusion of computer-based disorders ( poorly written plug-ins, macros, DLLs active processes ).

2. The current supplying components ( Safety plug, IEC connectors, power supplies, fuses, transformers, rectifiers, etc. ) and the audio signal path with connections as well as inferior conductors on boards, circuit boards, inferior XLR jacks, etc. performed in the production of most devices for cost reasons. By replacing these connectors and conductors DWM provides optimal electrical properties and efficiency of the modules. The use of Mundorf Silver Gold Solder has proven particularly useful here.

3. For the audio signal path, we use Kimber “KCAG” and “Timbre” cable. These are characterized by exceptionally good properties, such as hearing test and representative Reviews and Awards revealed. Each of the three single conductor cables produced in braiding technology consists of seven high-grade silver and copper conductors with three of different cross-sections. As a dielectric, transparent Teflon is used. Excellent capacitive properties are achieved by braiding and the 99, 999 percent silver and copper content provides excellent electrical results of these cables.

4. For digital signal path as well as for synchronization ( Word clock, Super clock ) cable-house development or modification may be used.

5. RF interference will be filtered out by special power cord. Purpose-specific carbon coatings, oversized cross section and isolation properties, as well as direct soldering ensure a clean power supply for the devices.

6. Miniature fuses in the individual devices and the main fuses in the total electricity supply have been replaced by silver-plated components of the company AHP. For an optimal supply of several device groups separate supply lines are provided with oversized cross section.

7. An autonomous ground has emerged as the optimal solution for the prevention of interference, ground loops and shielding. Several ground strips, earthing lances and an oversized supply line for optimum electrical properties. In addition, each unit is equipped with a separate ground wire.

8. By using high quality, outsourced hardware can be without the use of plugins. Programming errors, macros, superfluous Dlls and the resulting negative effect on the data stream in the digital domain are therefore excluded.

A typical example

... for the above named modifications of an EQ shown in the picture: The replacement of 2 low-quality, 20 poled connectors for silvered copper conductors which are directly soldered, bridge over the bypass switch and direct soldering the input's/output's using mundorf silver-gold-solder.

Unfortunately, sometimes for reasons of cost inferior cables, switches and other components within the devices are used. If the monitoring conditions are optimal, you can hear a significant difference and one should bear in mind here that add up all these optimizations in the sum.